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Monday, January 30, 2012
Square.....very exciting, growing fast and it is amazing how this company has been able to move the associations from their traditional position on certain merchant verticals.  I know it looks great and the idea of going after the consumer with a payment product makes good of sense.  However, I am not on the band wagon.  Research the numbers and it will quickly become apparent that the Square Portfolio is very low volume and their merchant base while growing, is a micro merchant base.  I also believe that high risk merchants will be attracted to the offering.....

That's only common sense and the first thing any payments professional would see.  In addition, I think that the companies like Square need to review the access point of the swipe device they attach and make it clear what the security level is.  I believe that the transaction data is vulnerable to being stored on the phone in a way that will make it accessible to the wrong party.
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